How not to get bored studying at home - COVID-19

In order to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, since last March the government has started implementing work from home and study from home. Initially studying at home may feel fun, but after a while, boredom often comes your way, right?

So that you can stay excited and not get bored studying at home, there are actually many ways you can do. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your home study activities fun and effective.

1. Make the base camp as comfortable as possible

When studying, you certainly need a place to study that is comfortable and quiet. Try to find a corner of the room in the house that you can use as a base camp for learning. Then arrange your study table as comfortable as possible. Or, you can also put some cute knick-knacks like study lamps, photos, ornamental plants, or even snacks so that learning can be more fun.

2. Create a schedule of rest

Studying at home can sometimes make you lose track of time. As a result, boredom and fatigue often appear when studying. Therefore, try to arrange a break during studying at home. You can take a break for 15-20 minutes after 1 hour of study. You can use this break time for other things such as listening to music, streaming YouTube, short exercise, or even just lying down while resting your brain.

3. Video conference with friends

Who says studying at home means you are studying alone? To make learning activities even more exciting, you can learn with friends by using the Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp applications. Besides being more exciting, you can also share study materials with friends.

4. Select a provider with unlimited access to all applications

This is the most important thing, during WFH and SFH all activities rely on the internet. Instead of spending more pocket money to buy the quota, it's a good idea to use a provider that can give you lots of benefits, such as the Tri (3) Indonesia provider. Tri is ready to help make studying at home easier and more fun with AlwaysOn Unlimited products! Besides getting the main 6GB quota, you can also get unlimited quota which can be used for all applications starting from 01:00 to 17:00, you know. It fits perfectly with your productive hours every day.

Besides being able to use it for browsing study materials and video calls with friends, you can also use this quota in all applications to listen to songs, access social media, or YouTube in the middle of your spare time. Want to refresh your brain after studying all day? AlwaysOn Unlimited can also be used for movie streaming applications. Strengthened by the 4.5G Pro network which is 8x faster, your activities at home can be more exciting without being bored and afraid of running out of quota, because there is AlwaysOn Unlimited which is truly unlimited in all applications!

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