How to Use the Correct Mask - COVID-19

There are still many Indonesians who wear the mask back and forth, the inside is used normally if you want to protect yourself from outside attacks. But when sick, they turn from the inside to the outside, with the perception to protect others, "he said in response to this.

Responding to this, according to the doctor, how to wear a mask is correct, as quoted in detikHealth, a pulmonary specialist from the Friendship Central General Hospital (RSUP), dr Feni Fitriani Taufik, SpP (K), MPdKed did not confirm this. "Not true. The blue one should be outside," he said.

According to Feni, the correct way to wear a nose mask is that the hard part is placed on top (nose) so that the leakage effect is smaller.

So how do you use the right mask?

1. Make sure to always wash your hands with soap before putting on the mask.

2. Find the outside of the mask. If your mask has two different colors (generally green and white), the outer side of the mask will be green. So it is the white side that is directly attached to the skin, while the green layer is facing out.

3. Determine the top side of the mask, usually marked by a nose wire line.

4. For masks using straps: place the nose wire over the nose with your fingers, then tie both sides of the rope at the top of the top of the head. After the mask hangs, pull the mask down so that it can cover your mouth to your chin. Tie the bottom strap at the nape or back of the neck.

5. For the rubber mask: you only need to tie the rubber strap behind the ear. After the mask is securely attached to your face, pinch the wire to follow the curve of your nose so that the mask is more tightly closed. And extend the mask's curves to the bottom to cover all the parts that need to be closed, namely the nose, mouth and chin.

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