Return to Activities Outside the Home - COVID-19

 The era of the new normal is in sight. Activities outside the home are starting to run, even with various regulations so that we are prevented from spreading the Corona virus. In order to keep outdoor activities safe and hygienic, we need to apply the following new habits in our daily life.

1. Always have disinfectant products available

This thing is mandatory to always be in the bag or pocket. Not only for hand hygiene, disinfectants are also useful for cleaning the surfaces of objects we often touch from germs that stick. Wetties antiseptic wipes are a great and practical choice when soap and water are hard to find. The wet wipes, which are available in various packages, have been recommended by the Singapore National Environment Agency as well as the Indonesian Institute of Sciences or LIPI, as a disinfectant product that can kill harmful germs and viruses. Immediately protect yourself from germs with Wetties, get it at Godrej Official Store JD ID, Tokopedia or Shopee.

2. Wear Face Shield

Protecting the face from the spread of droplets is important when outdoor activities start to flourish. We can wear a mask as recommended by the government and WHO, or use a face shield. Of course, facial protection must be accompanied by clean habits, such as reducing wiping of the face, eyes, nose and ears, as well as maintaining distance so that the risk of transmission is minimized.

3. Remind each other

The Corona pandemic is closely related to transmission between humans, as well as through objects. Because of this, the habit of reminding each other must be started. Little things we can do, for example, contribute to disinfectant products such as antiseptic wet wipes in our work areas or desks. Remind also of the importance of keeping your distance, for example not being in a meeting room with too many people. Overcoming the Corona pandemic is not an individual task, but a collective task so that the outbreak can be resolved immediately. Always keep clean and live a healthy lifestyle.

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