Study at home with family - COVID-19

 The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fundamental policy changes in education. On the basis of the Ministry of Education and Culture Regulation No.4 of 2020 concerning the implementation of education including online / distance learning, and regulation No.15, 2020 concerning guidelines for organizing learning from home due to the temporary closure of schools. " The temporary closure of schools is very important so that the physical and mental safety and health of students, educators, heads of education units and all members of the education unit are maintained and protected from transmission of the virus, "explained the Sociology of Education researcher at the LIPI Population Research Center, Anggi Afriansyah, in the event" Actualization. Pancasila in Education Facing the New Normal Era ”held online by BPIP RI on Tuesday (9/6).

Anggi said, a number of countries have implemented school closures to prevent the spread of the virus. Based on data on May 25, 2020, more than 1.1 billion learners were affected by the closure of schools, training institutions and universities, with effective national closures in 146 countries. "Various forms of online learning and collaboration have become the focus of attention in an effort to ensure continuity of learning," he said.

Then, implementing online learning at home is not as easy as imagined. "Teachers give assignments to their students through messages on social media. However, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed together. Studying at home requires a number of work tools, such as mobile devices / telephones, laptops and of course internet pulses, ”said Anggi. He said that not all students were able to access all of that, as the existence of this internet signal was not evenly distributed in all regions. Let alone comparing Java and Outer Java, there are still differences in the quality of the internet signal on the island of Java.

"Studying at home has led to an increase in the role of parents in the teaching and learning process. The materials or assignments given by the teacher can be helped to teach the parents at home, "said Anggi. Therefore, family support is the key to the success of Home Study students.

"This is where the main meaning of education we can apply, namely the balance between physical and mental education as well as reason and character", he said. Anggi also said that he was not only smart technologically, but also emotionally, socially and spiritually intelligent.

"The nature of caring, compassion, cooperation, mutual cooperation without distinguishing ethnic backgrounds and beliefs, are the key words for education that need to be nurtured and maintained in the character of the students of the Indonesian Nation which is based on Pancasila," he said. Anggi also reminded that this can be started with yourself and your family at home, as Ki Hajar Dewantara proclaimed that the pillar of education lies in the family and society and not only from school. "On that basis, education is not only an activity of transferring knowledge. but it also forms character ", concluded Anggi. (brl /

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